While shopping at the JCI Thrift Store and Donation Center find the perfect teacup and saucer.  Have fun with this project! Mix and match the saucer and teacup.

  • With a glass drilling bit, drill a hole through the center bottom of both teacup and saucer.
    For best results, put a few drops of water on the drilling area to keep the blade and the area moist to prevent cracking.
    Drill a few extra holes in the bottom of the plate for drainage.
  • Take the teacup and saucer and attach them to a painted dowel rod with a long screw.
    (To do this, put the screw through the hole in the cut and into the hole of the saucer, and then into a dowel rod into which you had previously drilled a hole).
  • Voila !!! Next fill with birdseed and watch your feather friends feast.