The goods are in better condition than you might think.
Many of the clothes come from middle-class homes where people can afford to toss aside barely worn clothes for the newest trend – which works out well for you, as a thrift store shopper.

You’ll find things there that you can’t find anywhere else.
Vintage jewelry, unique t-shirts, cool jackets, and old albums, etc.


It’s environmentally-friendly.
By reusing existing items, you’re decreasing the demand – and therefore production. Fewer resources are burned creating new goods and you saved the awesome t-shirt you just bought from becoming garbage.

Most of the time you are supporting non-profit organizations doing good work.
It makes you feel good to know that your expenditures are going to help someone else. 

It’s fun and frugal.
If you have bargain-hunting tendencies, thrift stores might be a little piece of heaven for you. For example, finding a good deal and knowing that if you would have bought that sweater new, it would’ve cost five times as much.