Evaluation Worksheet

The first step in determining an individual's strengths, needs, interests, and aptitudes. Assessments consist of standardized tests, work samples, situational assessments and career exploration that help participants identify career goals and vocational training needs to aid in achieving employment. Community based assessments and job tryouts within the community-based settings are used to help individuals explore chosen career goals and determine career pathways.

The participant and referring agency have four options during the evaluation/career exploration period:

  1. Vocational testing-two hours up to three days
  2. Situational assessment of work skills in an integrated work environment-three days to four weeks
  3. Comprehensive vocational evaluation consisting of both vocational testing and situational assessment-individualized up to four weeks
  4. Community-based assessments-hourly exploration or job try-outs in career area of one's choice


quote icon"When asking Chris about how he feels about working, he states, “It makes me happy”  and this happiness is expressed with lots of smiles when talking about his job and showing an eagerness to want to work more days. According to Tiffany Brackman, JCI Vocational Services Manager, “It is very apparent that Chris loves his job and that it brings him excitement when he thinks about going to work.  He is proud of his position and employer and enjoys talking about his work days when he attends JCI during the week. Chris is a very happy person and seems to enjoy life and being a part of a team. He makes friends easily and always tries to put a smile on someone’s face. We are very pleased with his employment and his performance on the job and feel that he is an excellent example of the fulfillment work provides in the lives of those we serve.”

                                          Testimonial from client who received Employment and Training Service