Occupational Course of StudyJob coaches provide community-based training and assistance with securing employment for students on the Occupational Course of Study track in all eight high schools in Johnston County.

This training occurs during the tenth-grade year for OCS students and the twelfth-grade year for LPS students.  Students explore stated and tested interest areas to aid in the development of realistic career goals.  Students on the OCS diploma track are required to complete 240 hours of Community Based Vocational Training. Training is provided in a variety of for profit and not-for-profit agencies and businesses. Students will learn academic skills and hands-on vocational training with the ultimate outcome of transitioning the student from high school into competitive employment that will prepare them:


  • To be competent, dependable employees
  • To be active participants in the community
  • To live independently


Since 2000, JCI, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Johnston County Schools have partnered to successfully ensure that 95% of all 10th graders complete the Community Based Vocational Training by the end of their sophomore year.

JCI works for you and is committed to providing quality, outcome based services to aid in meeting your personal and employment goals.