This program is geared for teens and young adults, ages 16-21, who are interested in interning at local businesses. If you are a business and interested in hosting a summer intern, at no cost to you, click below to complete the Summer Youth Host Interest Form.

Each year, the Yes I Can Summer Youth Program trains and develops the future work force for Johnston County. Interns provide multiple benefits to businesses, such as increased productivity by having interns engaged in meaningful tasks and project work.

Host Employer Benefits

  • A pre-screened intern who has completed a job skills training course.
  • Direct support and monitoring of the intern through regular communication with Yes I Can staff.
  • An opportunity to train future employees.
  • A chance to give back to our community by making a difference in the life of a young person.

Host Employer Role

  • Identify a supervisor who will be able to devote sufficient time to the intern.
  • Develop a clear job description for the intern
  • Provide orientation or job-specific training, if required.
  • Offer students a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Interested in being a Host Employer?

Host Interest Form

Yes I Can Summer Youth Employment Internships

“Our agency’s partnership with JCI is beyond compare! Not only am I impressed with JCI's level of dedication and creativity in regard to meeting our local business' needs, but I'm equally impressed with the level of professionalism, understanding, and compassion demonstrated by their staff toward all whom they serve."

Scott Daniel,
Unit Manager, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.