Employee Development Services is a vocational training program, provided on-site at JCI, or in the community. EDS places emphasis on building appropriate work skills and habits.

The program assists in enabling individuals with limitations to move towards employment in the community by helping to eliminate barriers to employment. Training is provided through the use of contract work outsourced from local companies, in prime manufacturing resulting in community-based job try-outs to develop the individual’s work abilities. Participants work with JCI employees to develop an individual plan for employment to aid in eliminating barriers, thus enabling them to move towards being competitive in jobs of their choice.  The EDS program promotes self-sufficiency by offering: ABE/HSE classes on-site through partnerships with local community colleges. Human Resource Development Classes also offered on-site and are designed to promote self-sufficiency. EDS training is time limited and dependent upon individualized needs and does not generally last more than three months.