Sophia - Culinary Class Graduate

Sophia applied for a kitchen position with our partner agency Johnston Health, soon after she graduated from the culinary training program.  Sophia was hired by Aramark, which is the company that is in charge of food services for the cafeteria at Johnston Health.  According to the kitchen manager, Sophia is doing an excellent job and has a strong work ethic; she is willing to help out in any way and in any area of the cafeteria. Sophia was presented with the Employee of the Month recognition award within only a few short months of working for Aramark.


Latoya - Culinary Class Graduate

An intricate blend of programs offered by JCI changed the life of this young lady. Latoya was referred to the Culinary training program via our Yes I Can program, where she received comprehensive guidance, counseling and occupational skills training.  Latoya is a proud graduate of the culinary training program and was offered a work experience opportunity at the Cyber Café.   After her work experience, Latoya was offered a position at the Cyber Café.

"Latoya is a confident, capable asset to our kitchen. She will not settle for anything less than the right way when it comes to food production, which is critical as we build our business.  She is a shining example of what our Culinary Training Program can do!"
Loren Dean – Cyber Café Manager



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