Community Employment Services develop partnerships with employers in counties served to provide job opportunities to participants. Individualized job development, on-the-job training, and follow-up services enable individuals to reach their fullest potential in jobs of their choice.

The following are provided to individuals who need short-term or long-term services:Employer shaking hands with new employee

  • Job Support - staff assist clients in locating employment with the community
  • Job Coaching – one on one training provided at job sites to ensure that all job duties are mastered independently
  • Supported Employment – JCI has several business enterprises that enable persons who need higher levels of support to obtain competitive employment. Persons interested in individual and/or group supported employment are placed in jobs of their choice in a variety of community based settings
  • Job Club – staff conduct a variety of seminars designed to increase individual skills and abilities related to overall job search skills
  • Human Resources Development Classes – offered on-site through partnership with local community colleges to promote self-sufficiency/skill development in computers, finances, employability and work-life balance
  • Benefits Counseling – staff work with clients individually to help them understand their
    current benefits and to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the impact of their employment goals