Community Integration

Individuals with more complex needs and more severe disabilities may choose to focus on issues other than work or may choose to enter the workforce at a later time. Formally known as the Adult Development Vocational Program (ADVP), these services are available to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and are designed to enhance vocational skills and life skills, promote community integration and work readiness, and to teach coping skills for day-to-day, work-related issues. Individuals must be 16 and older and meet established admissions criteria. This program has three components: ADVP, Seniors and Activities, and Employment Transition.

Adult Development Vocational Program (ADVP)

A day program which provides organized developmental activities for adults with developmental disabilities to prepare the individual to live as independently as possible.  ADVP provides opportunities for the client's enjoyment of  leisure activities and the development of community living skills, vocational adjustment, work activity training, and personal skills development.  

Our job trainers work closely with ADVP members to promote:

  • Integration into a manufacturing work setting
  • Preparatory job skills development for supported employment
  • Development of social skills, work habits and marketable job skills
  • Educational services such as compensatory education
  • Trial work experiences

ADVP-Our clients learn so much when taking care of a vegetable garden.

Seniors and Activities

This is also a day program that promotes and teaches our clients how to live full, responsible, and productive lives. Our clients are inspired to initiate and act upon personal choices in a supportive setting, to build a unique schedule of activities, and to acquire skills that will be useful in their daily lives at home, at work, and in their communities.

Our clients enjoy a variety of training and activities throughout the day:

  • Culture and arts training and exposure
  • Leisure skills training
  • Participation in creating work-based enterprise products that are designed and made by clients and marketed by various means
  • Transportation training and awareness
  • Integration into senior services and other community events
  • Nutrition and wellness awareness training

Employment Transition

A day program that helps clients develop the skills needed in the world of work. Our dedicated staff help identify current skills and level of experience in order to develop a customized program to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Employment Transition services include but are not limited to:

  • Personal enrichment and life skills training
  • Job-related supports to promote job retention
  • Recreational and leisure training
  • Volunteer work at local nonprofit and/or educational facilities


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