JCI’s psychosocial rehabilitation program, formerly known as the Unity House, serves persons with chronic mental illness. Located in Selma, NC, JCI began operation of the program in 2007. The Unity House uses a clubhouse model to assist with recovery and stabilization.

The overall goal of the program is to ensure that members have a place that provides structure and support to maintain a quality lifestyle and independent functioning. Members of the Unity House psychosocial rehabilitation program participate in a variety of skill-enhancement units such as food service/kitchen, clerical, groundskeeping/maintenance and housekeeping. Members also participate in ABE/GED classes offered in conjunction with Johnston Community College and are engaged in community-based outings to promote integration. Members, with the support of a professional staff, plan and prepare meals daily, schedule field trips and plan social activities. Referrals are made to the program from local management entities and case managers. Each individual has a person-centered plan which directs services provided while at the Unity House. Referrals must be 21 and older. The Unity House is located at 112 W. Richardson Street, Selma, NC 27576.


Unity House members work closely with staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the house which consist of:

  • Clerical - Telephone, calendars, newsletters, menus, computer training, and resource availability
  • Kitchen/Food/Nutrition - Meals, snacks, Unity House homemade items (baking is recovery), budgeting, and healthy eating habits
  • Maintenance/Groundskeeping - Gardening, yard and home maintenance, minor home repairs, and landscaping
  • Housekeeping - Daily cleaning, laundry
  • Recovery - Diagnosis exploration, coping skills, advocacy, symptom management, increased knowledge of self
  • Social Skills - Appropriate engagement with others
  • Medication - Understanding what medications are, why they are prescribed, side effects, medication regiment, and advocacy
  • Art/Music Therapy - Self-expression and symptom management
  • Volunteer - Work performance, following instruction, and interaction with others
  • Book Club - Increase reading skills, verbal skills, comprehension, and self-esteem
  • Adult Basic Education Classes - Reading, writing, and math skills taught by Johnston Community College instructor


I have been attending the Unity House for 1 ½ years. I like the program because the staff and other members let me be who I am. I am able to find out about myself and help other people through art. I am an artist and just won the JCI Christmas Card Contest. I created a mural at the Unity House that represents my recovery and other members' recovery. I have learned a lot about recovery, how to get along with other members and my family, and how to cook on my own. I am a better person for going to the Unity House. It is a great program!!

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