Is JCI a government agency?


No. JCI is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, operating similar to a traditional business, except that all profits and proceeds received are used to improve or expand the services we provide to our clients and the community.


How many people are employed at JCI?


JCI employs approximately 212 staff both full and part-time.


What is the mission of JCI?


JCI is a regional, entrepreneurial, nonprofit corporation dedicated to empowering people with
disabilities or disadvantages to succeed through training and employment.


How to access client services?


Our clients access our services through high schools, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, as well as private insurance.


Who are JCI’s target business/manufacturing employers?


Small businesses that are at the threshold of expanding: JCI provides skilled labor force and facilities.
Large manufacturers in need of resources: JCI provides expert production management of legacy and new product lines.


Why should a manufacturer choose JCI over traditional contract manufacturers?


Unlike traditional manufacturers, JCI offers the double bottom line of value. While saving money, employers are also helping to change the lives of others.


Is JCI open to the public for tours?


Absolutely!  We love for people to see the great work that is being done here at JCI! We welcome visitors and appreciate support from the community.


How can I support JCI and its mission?


Inform your friends, family and business acquaintances about JCI and our mission.
Purchase products made at JCI.
Donate via our Thrift Store as well as consider monetary donations.
Volunteer your talents and time and make a difference in someone’s life.